Falsely Accused
Individuals for Reform

Who we are

We are a group of individual supporters, some of whom have been falsely accused of sexual offences, who campaign for justice and law reform.

Secretary (and founder)

Daniel Janner QC


Sir Cliff Richard
Paul Gambaccini.
Harvey Proctor
Lady Lavinia Nourse
Liam Allan


Ros Burnett, Academic and Editor of ‘Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse’, OUP, 2016
Rupert Butler, barrister
Lord Campbell-Savours
Stephen Fry
Lord Grade of Yarmouth
Christine and Neil Hamilton
Lady Susan of Mar, trustee Sir Edward Heath charitable foundation
Michael McManus, writer, trustee, Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation
David Rose, investigative journalist
David Tarsh, Communications Consultant
Hugh Tomlinson QC

What we do

We are a pressure group.

We campaign to change the law where necessary.  Examples include:

  • Anonymity before charge in relation to sexual offences.
  • Parliamentary Petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/247912

    This Parliamentary Petition attracted over 28,400 signatures

  • The problems associated with solicitors recruiting complainants (working with the police) to bring class actions.
  • Changing the language in criminal proceedings from “victims” to “complainants.”
  • Support for families of those accused matching to the assistance given to complainants.

When joining us, Sir Cliff wrote:

“I am pleased to support the new pressure group Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform (FAIR). Being falsely accused myself and having that exposed in the media was the worst thing that has happened to me in my entire life. Even though untrue, the stigma is almost impossible to eradicate. Hence the importance of FAIR’s campaign to change the law to provide for anonymity before charge in sexual allegations and hence my continued work with FAIR in the future.  Had this proposed change in the law been enacted when the police decided to raid my apartment following the allegations of a fantasist, the BBC would not have been able to film this event, name me, (even though the South Yorkshire Police had decided not to) and so plunge my life and those close to me into fear and misery.”

Contributions to FAIR

If you wish to support our work our bank details are:
Sort code: 30-96-26
Account number: 52515260

Messages of support

We have had countless messages of support for which we are very grateful.  We cannot reply to them individually, but they do inform our campaign.